Bank of France

Paris, France (in progress)

The « Hôtel de Toulouse », also known in the past as « Hôtel de la Vrillière », had been designed around 1640 by the architect François Mansart for Louis Phélipeaux Vrillière (Secretary of the State). Its exceptional interior, included a 40 meters long gallery, decorated with a ceiling painted by François Perrier - one of the greatest painters of the time - in the spirit of the Galerie d'Apollon in the Louvre and the Galerie d'Hercule at the Hôtel Lambert. This gallery also received on the walls large canvases painted by the greatest Italian masters. The mansion had a peculiar history until it was bought in 1808 by the Bank of France, who settled there in 1811.

The gallery was drastically modified in 1865 and the ceiling painted by Perrier was almost completely lost, as well as the paintings adorning the walls (now copies). However it has preserved all its nobility and grandeur and the Bank of France has launched a restoration campaign that we follow today. It covers not only the enhancement of existing decor but also the resumption of technical networks necessary for this historic place to integrate the demands of our contemporary world.

© Photos Banque de France and Caroline Richard

  • © Photo Banque de France
  • © Photo Caroline Richard
  • © Photo Caroline Richard
  • © Photo Caroline Richard


  • Paris, France
  • Client: Banque de France
  • Missions : Immeubles de la Banque de France / Hôtel de la Vrillière (Verrière, Galerie Dorée)