Îlot Cambon-Capucines

place Vendôme, Paris - 2009

The restoration of the urban block from Place Vendôme, rue Capucine and rue Cambon comprises 60 000 square meters. Through centuries, this group of buildings structured as offices had lost its property value.

In association with Antony Béchu, all the monuments, especially those of the XVIIIth century, the Hotel d’Evreux, Hotel des Vieux and Hotel Castagnier have been restored. They are home to lounges, restaurants, offices, business centers and a health center. Our approach was to integrate the services and comfort of the modern world into a heterogeneous group of ancient buildings.


  • 19 place Vendôme, Paris, France
  • 2009
  • Client: SNC Galaxy Vendôme
  • 60 000m2
  • with Anthony Béchu