Hotel Lutetia

43 Boulevard Raspail, Paris 6ème arrondissement (in progress)

Hotel Lutetia, named after the Roman name of the city of Paris, is built from 1910.
The rehabilitation of the hotel will make its splendor to a deluxe property.
All historical parts will be restored to their original arrangements. Outside, the sculptures
of the facades will be redone, and we will find the magnificent canopies of glass
and metal that protected the entries.
Inside, it will be all new decoration including art deco grand lounges, restaurant and
With hundreds of luxury rooms and suites, spa, swimming pool, this iconic and historic
hotel in Paris will deserve its five stars.

  • 43 Boulevard Raspail, Paris 6ème arrondissement
  • Missions : Façades, Toitures, Salles historiques
  • En partenariat avec Jean-Michel Wilmotte