Liebermann Rehearsal Room at Opera Bastille

Opera Bastille, Paris, France - 2012

The Opera Bastille didn’t have a rehearsal room perfectly suited to the orchestra. Hugues Gall then director of the Opera has decided to offer this rehearsal space which would perfectly fit the musicians needs of comfort and would offer perfect acoustics.

Within a volume remained free, initially dedicated to the creation of avant-garde contemporary opera, we designed a 'box within a box' to be a volume whose proportions are perfectly calculated to provide an acoustic perfection - the room is separated from the building by a floating floor spring. Inside, in order to meet the needs of the orchestra, a device in ceilings and walls has been installed to create absorbent and reflective surfaces.

This perfect acoustics set must often be adapted to lower its qualities, to reproduce the orchestra pit conditions during performances at the Opera Garnier and Opera Bastille.

  • Opera Bastille, Paris, France
  • 2012
  • Client: Opéra National de Paris